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T/TH 11:45 am Class has been cancelled



Class Overview



Multi-Level Pilates

These classes include more advanced Pilates exercises with an increased pace allowing the client to move through a greater number of movements. A session may include differet Pilates equipment along with more choreography, transitions and flow to improve agility, power, sports performance, overall strength and coordination. Less advanced options are given for beginning and intermediate clients. Each class is designed to address the whole body, all stability and mobility requirements in the human body and centered around a balanced mind body experience. Breathing suggestions are emphasized. Enjoy your conscious breating experience. 


Gentle Pilates


A group class designed for anyone needing a slower pace  with lighter springs or modifications. More basic coreography will be included with add ons and heavier springs offered as participants gain strength and coordination. This class is ideal for those who are needing less compressive forces due to degenerative conditions or energy conservation requirements. This class is focused around gaining functional strength in a gentle but effective way. Pre time is available for focused breath work. As always if breathing is difficult for you relax and let changes happen slowly. 



A specially designed class designed for former or current patients that want to transition to a group setting. This class is taught by a Physical Therapist or a Physical Therapist Assistant. This is an excellent setting to learning the basics on all apparatuses including the Reformer, Chair, Spine Corrector, and Tower. *Must have prior consent to join this class


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