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Healthy U Pilates Studio continues to offer unique and specialized classes to fit each individual's need. If you do not see a time that will work for you please let us know. New classes can be started at open times with a minimum of four paid participants so grab a few friends, co-workers, or family members and we'll be happy to get you set up!

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Class Overview



Multi-Level Pilates

These classes include more advanced Pilates exercises with an increase pace allowing the client to move through a greater number of movements. A session may include differet Pilates equipment along with more choreography, transitions and flow to improve agility, power, sports performance, overall strength and coordination. Less advanced options are given for beginning and intermediate clients.


Gentle Pilates


A group class designed for anyone needing a slower pace  with lighter springs or modifications.


Circuit Pilates Class


Stations are set up with the purpose of allowing the member time to work on form for specific movement. Stations include common exercises with variations and choreography to challenge all levels. Group warm up and cool down surrounds this challenging class.



Hard Core Chair/Jumpboard


A whole class on the Pilates Chair and Jumpboard. All your muscles will feel this challenging workout. Faster pace, including sweat! Leave fealing revitalized and energized.


Post Rehab

A specialty designed class designed for former or current patients that want to transition to a group setting. This class is taught by a Physical Therapist or a Physical Therapist Assistant with the assistance of a Pilates Instructor. This is an excellent setting to learning the basics on all apparatuses including the reformer, chair, spine corrector, and tower. *Must have prior consent to join this class


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